Sigmund (Edge / Works / Pro) – Tolerance Analysis Software

Our CAD models represent theoretical perfect design intent but they do not represent the actual product that will be coming out of the shop floor! CAD does not manufacture anything, real manufacturing and assembly processes do and that is where Sigmund can take CAD information and considers proposed manufacturing and assembly processes to determine how well the design will actually build. What’s significant is that this can be done years before any parts are manufactured. The design can be evaluated, optimized and validated before it is released for tooling.

Designs can be released with confidence knowing that the product will always build with World Class Quality and that the design is efficient and cost effective. Precision is always directly related to cost and this is not a linear relationship but closer to exponential. By understanding where precision is needed and where it is not enables the opportunity for a quality up cost down scenario. Sigmund has advance reporting capabilities that can be used by multiple stakeholders in the supply chain throughout the products life time.

Sigmund Edge

SigmundEdge, a powerful tolerance analysis software for SolidEdge developed by Varatech, enables engineers to evaluate, optimize and validate assembly build quality, relative to piece part tolerance and assembly process variation. Fully integrated within Solid Edge, this value-added software can be used early in the development phase before design solidification. SigmundEdge prevents costly tweaking delays at ramp-up as well as long-term variation problems. Sigmund has been awarded the Premier Certified Select status within the Solid Edge Voyager Program.


SigmundEdge can predict the quality of a Solid Edge design and assembly based upon predetermined tolerance values or determine the component tolerances required to meet a given assembly build objective. SigmundEdge even includes a powerful utility, which automatically optimizes all tolerance. Sigmund Edge’s powerful utilities and easy to use menu-driven modeling capabilities greatly reduce time and effort, and its succinct reporting module provides all relevant information. SigmundEdge optimizes design and assembly process, add precision where needed and eliminates overly costly designs.

Solid Edge Integration

  • Ease of use & Quick to learn specially designed for non-specialist.
  • Automated Worst case Interference analysis.
  • Intelligent Nominal and tolerance based Interference Visualization at worst case, Min, Max conditions.
  • Associated to Solid Edge Geometry & Tolerances, & considers both GD&T, & Linear Tolerances.
  • Works with SolidEdge Part, Assembly and Draft files.


  • Five analysis types including: Worst case, RSS, MRSS, PCRSS, and Monte carlo Simualtions.
  • Design for Six Sigma-Roll-Down & Roll Up Methodologies for performing tolerance analysis.
  • Wide Range of statistical distributions and Extensive automatic report generation.
  • Optimize Design with unique tolerance optimization and cost minimization capabilities .
  • Identify Cost saving Opportunities with Cost Savings Report. Sensitivity, Tolerance Impact, Automatic Statistical, What-if and SPC report generation.

Sigmund Works / Sigmund Pro / Sigmund Stacks:

Similar capabilities are available for SolidWorks & Pro-E/Creo with direct integration. Standalone version (Sigmund Stacks) is available which can be run independently.