Industrial Machinery Design Solutions

Industrial machinery manufacturers face pressure to improve the speed and efficiency of their product design and engineering processes so they can reduce delivery time and increase profit margins. Solid Edge® software from Siemens PLM Software enables industrial machinery manufacturers of all sizes to streamline their design processes and meet these market pressures.

[boc_list_item icon_size=”large” has_icon_color=”yes” icon_color=”#3dbeba” icon_solid=”yes” icon=”icon icon-check2″]For small and medium business (SMB) machinery manufacturers who normally engineer-to-order, accelerated design means faster time-to-cash. Strong cash flow is critical for these smaller organizations and Solid Edge helps them improve their design processes and deliver machines faster while maintaining and improving profit margins.[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”large” has_icon_color=”yes” icon_color=”#3dbeba” icon_solid=”yes” icon=”icon icon-check2″]For larger manufacturers who develop new machines and may have more complex processes in place, Solid Edge helps improve the efficiency of these processes and reduces the business risk associated with new product development.[/boc_list_item][boc_spacing]
[boc_heading html_element=”h3″ color=”#00c1c4″]With Solid Edge you can create a complete digital model of your new machinery and equipment & prove out the capabilities of your machines digitally.[/boc_heading][boc_list_item icon_size=”large” has_icon_color=”yes” icon_color=”#3dbeba” icon_solid=”yes” icon=”icon icon-check2″]

Test out new ideas

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Validate your designs for their motion, performance and reliability

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Create the manufacturing instructions you need

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Sell your machine before building it


[boc_heading html_element=”h3″ color=”#00c1c4″ margin_bottom=”0px”]For more information read our customers success stories.[/boc_heading][boc_heading html_element=”h4″ color=”#333333″ subheading=”yes”]Read the customer success stories.[/boc_heading]

Grab your free copy of Industry Insights now (see link below) & explore the key processes where you can improve your performance and be successful in the competitive Industrial Machinery Manufacturers market.

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[boc_heading html_element=”h3″ color=”#2db9ba”]Designers and engineers report that they have experienced some significant benefits by using Solid Edge[/boc_heading][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-angle-right-circle”]Reducing development time for new machines by 70 percent[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-angle-right-circle”]Achieving more accurate cost estimates [/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-angle-right-circle”]Cutting rework rate from 20 percent to 2 percent [/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-angle-right-circle”]Decreasing time-to-market by 33 percent[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-angle-right-circle”]Improving product performance as well as product aesthetics[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-angle-right-circle”]Lowering prices for new machines[/boc_list_item][boc_spacing height=”10px”][boc_heading html_element=”h3″ color=”#2db9ba”]How Solid Edge can help you increase Profitability in Industrial Machinery manufacturing [/boc_heading][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-angle-right-circle”]Managing customer requirements & reduce business risk by proposing practical solutions which are predictable and competitive[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-angle-right-circle”]Speed mechanical 3D design and 2D drawings and increase reuse Deliver sooner which lower business risk, grow revenue at higher margin[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-angle-right-circle”]Reducing customised machine content which Reduces business risk by fulfilling more orders with standard, predictable product configurations[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-angle-right-circle”]Producing fabricated structures in Solid Edge software Improves margin from optimised structures that minimises material and manufacturing costs[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-angle-right-circle”]Design sheet metal parts on Solid Edge streamlines sheet metal design and manufacturing which reduces cost and speeds delivery.[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-angle-right-circle”]By Prebuild testing and prototyping you can do significant drop in costs and time-to-delivery as engineers identify and resolve problems before manufacture[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-angle-right-circle”]Manufacture accurately and efficiently in Solid Edge reduces errors and rework in manufacturing faster manufacturing process&Designs optimized for manufacturing.[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-angle-right-circle”]Compliance with industry regulations which reduce risk of litigation& gives positive audit results.[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-angle-right-circle”]Managing projects and engineering changes in Solid Edge provides Fast and accurate completion of projects and engineering changes hastens new product development and time-to-market.[/boc_list_item][boc_list_item icon_size=”small” icon=”icon icon-angle-right-circle”]By using Solid Edge Installation and commissioning is completed on-time and on-budget accurate knowledge of actual equipment configuration at delivery and in service.[/boc_list_item]