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Are you looking for professional 3D CAD software at a cost that fits your budget? Learn how to get the best of both worlds with Solid Edge monthly or yearly subscriptions.

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Excel Design Technologies is the

India's Leading Distributor of CAD/CAM & PLM Solutions

The company started its operations in India in 2014, focusing on the Siemens Mainstream Engineering Portfolio that includes Solid Edge® and today we are having 5000+ PAN India Customers with 80+ Resellers in 30+ Cities.


Achieve continuous value and maximize your return on investment by harnessing the power of maintenance, enhancements, and support (ME&S).

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Solid Edge is a portfolio of affordable, easy-to-use software tools that address all aspects of the product development process – 3D design, simulation, manufacturing, design management, and more. It combines the speed and simplicity of direct modeling with the flexibility and control of parametric design – made possible with synchronous technology.

The next generation of design has arrived.

Keep things fluid with built-in-flow analysis

Integrated CAM and 3D printing tools

Perfect control, No matter how big your data is

Create specialized apps to extend your creativity

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Solid Edge can also be purchased as a Perpetual License. Single Seat, unlimited term licenses of any product type. Contact us to know more about license options.

Choose a module that's right for you

This software is the ultimate solution for professionals looking to create complex designs with precision and efficiency.

Solid Edge Classic is an advanced 3D CAD software package that includes all the features of Solid Edge Foundation. 

Solid Edge Premium is a comprehensive 3D CAD software package that includes all the features of Solid Edge Foundation & SolidEdge Classic

Solid edge Foundation

Solid Edge Foundation includes all design and drafting features and even more powerful features, such as sheet metal design, frame and weldments, design configurator, bulk migrators, surface modeling, simulation for parts, 2.5 Axis milling, and subdivision modeling for advanced surfacing.

Solid edge classic

It provides users with additional functionality such as photorealistic rendering, standard parts/Tool Box libraries like nuts, bolts, Washers, and other components, vendor catalog integration, adaptive user interface, reverse engineering, dynamic visualization, engineering reference tools for springs, cams, gears, and other components, CAD Direct capabilities, design for cost optimization, and generative design capabilities.

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Additional capabilities like Pipe and Tube Design, PCB Collaboration, Electrical Routing, Point Cloud Visualization, Linear Stress Simulation for parts and assemblies, Advanced Motion Simulation, and Simulation Optimization.

These added features make it an ideal tool for mechanical and electrical design engineers working on complex design projects.

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Solid Edge is available by subscription on a monthly basis. Select the plan that suits your needs, ranging from – 2D/3D design and automated drawing production to advanced functionality such as assembly design, sheet metal, simulation and engineering libraries – all for a reasonable monthly fee – including maintenance and support.

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