Agricultural Machinery Design

Agricultural machinery manufacturers face pressure to improve the speed and efficiency of their equipment design process so youcan deliver new products on time, as well as meet customer expectations for reliability and low running costs. Solid Edge meets these needs with a portfolio of affordable, easy-to-use software tools.

Agricultural machinery manufacturers are often small- and medium-sized organizations that do not have the large information technology resources that larger enterprises can apply to implementing and maintaining high-end software solutions. You need professional computer-aided design (CAD) and productivity solutions that are affordable, as well as easy to implement and maintain. Solid Edge provides solutions that help your company flourish in the demanding agricultural machinery business environment.

With Solid Edge you can create a complete digital model of your new machinery and equipment & prove out the capabilities of your machines digitally.

Test out new ideas

Validate your designs for their motion, performance and reliability

Sell your machine before building it

For more information read our customers success stories.

Read the customer success stories.

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Significant experience shared by Solid Edge User in Agricultural machinery manufacturing

Successfully competing with larger manufacturers while using fewer resources
Reducing development time for new machinery by 60 percent
Completing design changes 75 percentfaster
Minimizing errors in manufacturing and service
Decreasing manufacturing lead time by 30 percent
Demonstrating compliance with government regulations

How Solid Edge can help you increase Profitability in Agricultural machinery manufacturing

Managing customer requirements & reduce business risk by proposing practical solutions which are predictable and competitive
Speed mechanical 3D design and 2D drawings and increase reuse Deliver sooner which lower business risk, grow revenue at higher margin
Solid Edge provides easy to use frame and weldment designs to get them done faster. But it is more than just about the design, how safe is the design and how long with it last under the great pressures and use on the farm. Solid Edge Simulation with the power of Femap built in, you can know that your design is going to work, long before you start cutting or welding any material.
You benefit from this by improving your margins by optimizing your structures while minimizing your material and manufacturing cost.
Integrated electrical and mechanical design for producing correct cable lengths and accurately predict system performance,accurate bills-of-materials and cut lists.
Streamlined sheet metal design and manufacturing which reduces cost and speeds delivery
Prebuild testing and prototyping helps by doing Significant drop in costs and time-to-delivery as engineers identify and resolve problems before manufacture
Visualise new products for sales and marketing to clearly demonstrate new innovations and use of latest design technology