Oil and gas manufacturers face pressure to improve the speed and quality of their design and engineering processes so they can deliver new designs to their customers on time while meeting expectations for product quality, safety and compliance.
Solid Edge® software from Siemens PLM Software enables oil and gas equipment manufacturers of all sizes to improve their design processes so they meet their customers’ expectations for high-quality products that are delivered on time, enabling them to increase cash flow and profit margins.

Using Solid Edge improves product development performance in these key process areas: Communicate new designs to potential customers.

Oil and gas manufacturers can substantially improve how they communicate designs to potential customers before the product is manufactured, and sales personnel can quickly convey the innovative features and value of your designs. Using Solid Edge makes that possible by enabling the creation of rich 3D product information, Including photo realistic images and animations. As a result, you’re able to clearly demonstrate design innovations through the use of the latest visualization technologies.

With Solid Edge you can create a complete digital model of your new machinery and equipment&prove out the capabilities of your machines digitally.

Test out new ideas

Validate your designs for their motion, performance and reliability

Create the manufacturing instructions you need

Sell your machine before building it

For more information read our customers success stories.

Read the customer success stories.

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Designers and engineers in the oil and gas equipment manufacturing industry have experienced some significant benefits by using Solid Edge

Improved design productivity and product quality
Reliable, automated design process with fewer errors
Reduced time needed to perform a complex design task from two days to 30 minutes
Reduced number of part variants by 70 percent
Reduced manual data transfer by 75 percent
Complied with rigorous International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications while building a unique product
Improved marketing with attractive images and animations

How Solid Edge can help you increase Profitability in Oil and gas equipment manufacturers

Integrate proven standard components in Solid Edge reduces business risk by fulfilling more orders with the use of standard components.
Visualise new products for sales and marketing to clearly demonstrate new innovations and use of latest design technology.
Speed mechanical 3D design and 2D drawings Speed up design, make changes faster and increase reuse Deliver sooner, lower business risk, and grow revenue at higher margin.
Developing pipe routes and plant designs in Solid Edge Streamlines piping design and manufacturing which reduces cost and speeds delivery
Producing fabricated structures in Solid Edge, improves margins from optimised structures which minimise material and manufacturing costs.
Integrating electrical and mechanical design to produce correct cable lengths and accurately predict system performance Accurate bills-of-materials and cut lists
NC Programming in Solid Edge manufacturing is very efficient, machining operations creates high quality components reduced manufacturing errors& faster manufacturing time cycles.
Pre-build testing and prototyping in Solid Edge promotes significant drop in costs and time-to-delivery as engineers identify and resolve problems before manufacture.
Managing projects and engineering changes in Solid Edge provides Fast and accurate completion of projects and engineering changes hastens new product development and time-to-market.
Mobile support for the “On the Go Engineer” in Solid Edge reduces business risk by proposing practical solutions which are predictable and competitive
Managing Quality & safety compliance reduces risk of litigation&Positive audit results.
Managing installation and service in Solid Edge commissioning is completed on-time and on-budget, while Installation engineers need access to accurate design and installation information while working at remote locations,accurate knowledge of actual equipment configuration is available at delivery and in service.