5 Tips to make your CAD files faster

Is your CAD system lagging? Leverage BricsCAD Machine Intelligence to make your CAD faster and smarter, and speed up your workflow. There is a way to reduce dwg file size, without losing information, and without spending hours deleting, re-inserting, and manually tidying up your drawings. 1 Reduce dwg file size So, here’s the situation, you’ve just been given a .dwg […]

Move from AutoCAD to BricsCAD

If you’re thinking about making the switch to BricsCAD for AutoCAD® users, even with minimal AutoCAD® experience, the transition is easy and painless. BricsCAD works very much like AutoCAD® and supports much of the same functionality including Xrefs, plotting, sheetsets, PDF attach/import, viewports, etc. The tips and pointers here will help speed up your transition as well as […]

Artificial Intelligence in BIM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Computer-Aided Design has come a long way since it was pitched by the architect Nicolas Negroponte in the 1970s. Many technological advances are based on Machine Learning algorithms; algorithms that are helping to edge AI to the top of the list of BIM trends, with the greatest potential to improve the […]