Getting Started with BricsCAD®: Installation Guide

Getting Started with BricsCAD®: Installation If you’re wondering how to install BricsCAD® – look no further! Installing BricsCAD is easy; whether you’re downloading the most recent BricsCAD release or an older version, this blog will walk you through the installation process, including interactive and silent installation options. How to download BricsCAD® Downloading an Older Version […]

Top 10 Benefits of BricsCAD V23.2 – Part One

If you use an older version of BricsCAD but want to know more about the latest V23.2 release, stick around. We have plenty of new and improved features and commands for you so let’s get up to speed with BricsCAD V23.2! 1. Updated Tips Panel We have updated the BricsCAD Tips Panel in V23.2 to […]

How to Save and Import Your Custom BricsCAD® Settings

One of the best things about BricsCAD is how customizable it is. But if you’ve spent some time getting things just the way you want (like me), then you want to be sure that when you upgrade to the latest version of BricsCAD, all your settings come along too. The good news is that you […]

BricsCAD® Pro for Civil Engineers – Prepping the project: Preliminary and Site Design

BricsCAD® Pro offers civil engineers smooth, efficient workflows. With solutions made specifically for civil engineering projects, you can speed up your process while ensuring high-quality, accurate results. Civil engineers can use BricsCAD Pro for each project stage, providing you with a range of tools to make your work easier, end to end. So let’s start at […]

Find Outliers in BricsCAD® Pro – Working Smarter with BricsCAD

We have made it easier to find outliers in BricsCAD Pro V23.2 and enhanced the FINDOUTLIERS command – let’s catch you up! Valid region This example begins with a land surveying DWG file – the 2D results of a scanned terrain. We want to place all the geometry around the origin to clean up the […]

BricsCAD Mechanical V23.2 New and Enhanced Features

We have just released BricsCAD® Mechanical V23.2, bringing you many new features and enhancements to make mechanical design and drafting even easier. With improved stability and performance, users can now access new and enhanced features to streamline the mechanical design process. Improved BOM Manager workflows User-fillable column editor We’ve incorporated a user-fillable column editor within BricsCAD. […]

Working Smarter with BricsCAD Pro – The OPTIMIZE command

We have given the OPTIMIZE command a UI overhaul both for 2D and 3D designs. OPTIMIZE calculates the gap tolerance to close the gaps, fix inaccuracies in the drawing, and works in both 2D and 3D spaces. Let’s take a look! Checking drawing details In this example you can see that there are many gaps between lines, […]

Creating Floorplans efficiently in BricsCAD® BIM

Drafting floor plans with 2D tools may seem fast initially, but managing changes in floorplans is a manual task that is prone to error – and when designs become complex, they become a lot more tedious. With BricsCAD® BIM’s 3D tools, you can deliver floor plans more quickly, efficiently, and without tedium. How to create a […]

What to do when you find an issue in BricsCAD®

Before you submit a support request How to report a bug in BricsCAD Submit a support request Try to answer the following questions: Example support request Title: Unit error exporting to PDF Problem: When a metric drawing is exported to PDF and the PDF is opened in Adobe, the units of the document are imperial. This […]

Developing Generative AI in BricsCAD® – What’s the point?

Generative AI is quite a buzzword, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fad. The architecture and engineering sectors will adopt this technology more quickly as a greater number of solutions become available to solve nicely bound problems – like classifying 3D objects into building elements and engineering system classes. So, how and why are we […]

V23.2 New and enhanced features in BricsCAD Pro for Civil

V23.2 of BricsCAD Pro for Civil has arrived, and it’s chock full of several enhancements to make designing in BricsCAD smoother and more efficient. Let’s go through the enhanced features and how to use them! The Civil Explorer BricsCAD Pro’s Civil Explorer has been revamped and now offers a more intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes […]

Accelerate your manufacturing processes with next-gen CAD/CAM tools

Cam solutions optimized for your needs One of the biggest impacts you can have on assembly performance is to simplify parts, especially if they are re-used often. For example, if your model includes a lot of hardware, you likely don’t need details – like helical threads, markings on the head, or small fillets of a […]

New and Enhanced Features for BricsCAD Pro in BricsCAD® V23.2

BricsCAD® V23.2 is here, and it comes jam-packed with new features and enhancements that make CAD design even easier and more intuitive. Let’s take a look at some of the updated features, and how to use them! New QT-Based Ribbon: One of the biggest updates to BricsCAD V23.2 is the enhanced QT-based Ribbon. While this feature […]

10 BricsCAD® Settings You Didn’t Know About, But Should

1. Filtered search Did you know you can get the Settings dialog to display only the settings that match your search term? This can save you lots of time when you are looking for a setting but aren’t sure where to find it or precisely what it’s called. To access this: 2. DELETETOOL Keep all […]

BricsCAD- Better performance at an exceptional value.

The Interface Settings dialog is new in BricsCAD Version 23. Designed to help you make BricsCAD your own. It makes simple customizations, such as changing the color theme or panel docking system, a sinch. Why did we implement this? One of the best things about BricsCAD is that it’s highly customizable. However, the Settings dialog […]

Dynamic block editing with Dynamic Grips

If you come from an AutoCAD® design environment, you may be familiar with Dynamic Blocks. BricsCAD offers some Dynamic block editing capabilities with Dynamic Grips. Read on to see what you can do with Dynamic Grips in BricsCAD. 1) Flip Grip Flip Grip allows you to flip a dynamic block on both the horizontal and […]

5 Tips to make your CAD files faster

Is your CAD system lagging? Leverage BricsCAD Machine Intelligence to make your CAD faster and smarter, and speed up your workflow. There is a way to reduce dwg file size, without losing information, and without spending hours deleting, re-inserting, and manually tidying up your drawings. 1 Reduce dwg file size So, here’s the situation, you’ve just been given a .dwg […]