Creating Floorplans efficiently in BricsCAD® BIM

Drafting floor plans with 2D tools may seem fast initially, but managing changes in floorplans is a manual task that is prone to error – and when designs become complex, they become a lot more tedious. With BricsCAD® BIM’s 3D tools, you can deliver floor plans more quickly, efficiently, and without tedium. How to create a […]

What to do when you find an issue in BricsCAD®

Before you submit a support request How to report a bug in BricsCAD Submit a support request Try to answer the following questions: Example support request Title: Unit error exporting to PDF Problem: When a metric drawing is exported to PDF and the PDF is opened in Adobe, the units of the document are imperial. This […]

Developing Generative AI in BricsCAD® – What’s the point?

Generative AI is quite a buzzword, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fad. The architecture and engineering sectors will adopt this technology more quickly as a greater number of solutions become available to solve nicely bound problems – like classifying 3D objects into building elements and engineering system classes. So, how and why are we […]

V23.2 New and enhanced features in BricsCAD Pro for Civil

V23.2 of BricsCAD Pro for Civil has arrived, and it’s chock full of several enhancements to make designing in BricsCAD smoother and more efficient. Let’s go through the enhanced features and how to use them! The Civil Explorer BricsCAD Pro’s Civil Explorer has been revamped and now offers a more intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes […]