Engineering Services

DESIGNING is at the core of every product which is created today, & each one of it is engineered from the scratch, to comply with the standards, ever stringent regulatory guidelines and the evolving market dynamics led by the need of a connected world. The complexity involved in the design function has increased dramatically because of the nature of products. The trend is being witnessed across engineering industries like aerospace, defense, automotive, & machinery segments where the need for designs is indispensable. Though, with the help of Computer Aided Design, Engineering, & Manufacturing tools at our disposal, we are able to get very complex products & machinery manufactured very easily.

With the ever changing needs & requirements of Industry, many firms have emerged to provide product design and product engineering services and solutions to different market segments such as aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, energy & utilities, industrial, consumer products, rail, electronics, hitech industries, & many more.

To cater to all these diverse engineering challenges of Engineering Services Companies, EXCEL DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES is providing all the solutions starting from the Concept Stage, to Manufacturing, from Industry Leading Engineering Software companies.