Simulation capabilities for Solid Edge users range from Solid Edge Simulation Express for individual parts, to Solid Edge Simulation for assembly analysis, to Femap for defining and analyzing complete systems and FloEFD for Solid Edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD). These solutions provide a scalable upgrade path for those who are required to solve more challenging engineering problems.

Solid Edge Simulation

  • Based on Femap
  • NX Nastran Solver
  • Embedded in Solid Edge
  • Part validation
  • Statics,modal,thermal, Frequency
  • multiphysics with buckling
  • Multi-discipline engineer

Solid Edge Motion Simulation

  • Based best Enginering Solver.
  • Gear Systems.
  • Cams Provile generator.
  • Solve Multibody dynamics on the go.
  • Motor / Actuator Sizing.
  • Spring, Dampers & Elastic Mounts.
  • Visulization and Animation.
  • Transfer motion load to Solid Edge Simultion.


  • CAD independent
  • System simulation
  • Statics, modal, buckling, dynamics, heat transfer, non-linear, etc.
  • Best and independent  pre and post processor
  • with, Solver independent, NX Nastran
  • Best control on mesh with advance meshes and toolset.
  • Femap with structural analysis gives complete insight.
  • Multi-discipline engineer, analyst.

FloEFD for Solid Edge

  • Embedded in Solid Edge
  • Fluid flow and heat transfer analysis
  • Pre-processor, solver and post-processor
  • Frontloading moves CFD early in the design process
  • Easy-to-use for the design engineer
  • Powerful enough for analysis specialist
  • Advance solution for HVAC,Lighting ,Combustion & Electronics.
  • Get clear understanding of the product behavior.