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Solid Edge ST10 best Cad Software for- Shaping the future of product development
Design: The next generation of design has arrived

Simplify complex design and manufacturing challenges using new generative modeling, additive manufacturing and reverse engineering capabilities, all enabled by Siemens convergent modeling technology. Optimize products for weight, strength and material usage using topology optimization with generative design. 3D print parts yourself or access a network of additive manufacturing services and seamlessly integrate existing products into your development process.
• What is next generation design? (graphic)
• Next Generation Product Design Software
• 3D Reverse Engineering Made Easy
• Solid Edge Generative Design
• 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
• Convergent Modeling Overview
Simulation: Keep things fluid with built-in flow analysis

Perform fluid flow and heat transfer analysis within Solid Edge to optimize the performance and reliability of your products.
• Solid Edge Simulation: FloEFD
• Solid Edge Scalable Simulation
Manufacturing: Make things great with integrated CAM and 3D printing tools

Manufacture production or prototype parts using traditional CNC machining or new 3D printing and additive manufacturing capabilities
• Solid Edge Manufacturing
• CAM Express
• 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
• Solid Edge CAM Packages
Technical Publications: Interactive. Digital. Associative

Quickly create 3D technical publications that clearly communicate the most efficient manufacturing, installation and maintenance processes for your products.
• Solid Edge Technical Publications
• Solid Edge Technical Publications – Technical Publications
Data Management: Perfect control, no matter how big your data

Take advantage of scalable data management solutions from built-in data management capabilities based on your existing Windows folders to the full PLM capabilities of Teamcenter.
• Solid Edge Data Management
• Solid Edge Data Management: Built-in Capabilities
• Solid Edge Data Management: Teamcenter
• Solid Edge PDM Packages
Solid Edge Portal: A new way to collaborate

Share your design and manufacturing data securely throughout the product development process with the new Solid Edge Portal. Start for free and improve collaboration with design team members, other departments, suppliers and customers resulting in better designs and less errors in manufacturing.
• Solid Edge Collaboration Portal
• Cloud-enabled design and Portal (graphic)
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The Solid Edge ST10 portfolio of products from Siemens brings every aspect of your product development to the next level. It gives you the very latest in next generation design technologies. Fully integrated flow analysis. The newest tools for 3D printing. More options for creating technical publications. Perfect control of design data at any scale. And a brand new way to collaborate on the cloud.
• What’s New in Solid Edge ST10 Portfolio
• Free Trials and Monthly Subscriptions
• Solid Edge Design: Reverse Engineering
• Solid Edge Design: Generative Design
• Solid Edge Simulation: Flow Simulation
• Solid Edge Manufacturing: Additive Manufacturing
• Solid Edge Technical Publications: Technical Publications
• Solid Edge Data Management: Built-in Capabilities
• Solid Edge Data Management: Teamcenter Integration

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