Cloud Applications – Design and Development




The Cloud Applications – Design and Development course is carefully curated to help learners get the required theoretical and practical knowledge required to design, develop and maintain cloud applications. After completing this course the learners should be able to manage application lifecycles and ensure the processes for continuous integration and delivery. The process and techniques of re-engineering application for cloud migration will also be covered.  The course will cover concepts like microservices, cloud visualisation, data management, risk management, hybrid cloud architecture, CloudOps, adoption framework, app security, app architecture, IAM, cloud migration, cloud networking, pattern modelling analysis and many more.


Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering / Technology / Statistics / Mathematics / Computer Science/ Physical Sciences will be preferred.


This course is designed to provide in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge of concepts and topics like:
1. Develop functional and non-functional requirements for the defined scope of the application
2. Design the application architecture to ensure scalable, resilient and fault-tolerant cloud applications
3. Develop and maintain secure, resilient and highly available application
4. Migrate applications to utilize the full potential of the cloud platform
5. Package software for secure and successful deployment on the cloud
6. Monitor and manage applications and the deployed systems
7. Project Management
8. Web App Development


  • Explain different types of cloud deployment and service models.
  • Assess global standards and regulations for aspects of data administration and governance such as storage, security, privacy and monitoring
  • Use development tools, frameworks, platforms, libraries and packages to test hardware and software systems
  • Define the scope and application by gathering functional and non-functional requirements and determining the operating environment of the application
  • Design scalable, resilient and fault-tolerant application architecture by applying concepts of Cloud-Native and CloudFirst Application, Identify and Access Management (IAM) and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and implementing appropriate security mitigation and disaster recovery measures
  • Design secure, resilient and highly available cloud applications by developing appropriate services, APIs and securing data and applications by using security and user authentication safeguards and other regulatory standards
  • Migrate application to the cloud by re-engineering, re-factoring or rearchitecting on-premise/ legacy applications while ensuring compliance of regulatory standards and Cloud-Native and Cloud-First principles
  • Package software and securely deploy them on the cloud by creating appropriate deployment strategy and automating the deployment strategy using tools and scripts


Microsoft Azure Security, McAfee MVISION, Qualys, White Hat Security, Proofpoint, Zscaler, CipherCloud, DocTrackr, Centrify, Vaultive, Digital Ocean Access Control, Azure Migrate, MS Cloud Monitoring Tools, AppDynamics, BMC TruSight Pulse


Theory — — hours

Practical — — hours


INR 20060.00


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