Cloud Security – Monitoring and Maintenance




Securing the cloud infrastructure is one of the most crucial roles of a Cloud Expert. Through
this course, learners will acquire the necessary skills to monitor the cloud infrastructure
assets and keep a check on security risks and threats. With 70+ hours of content, the course
prepares the learners to identify and respond appropriately to any such threats.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering / Technology / Statistics / Mathematics / Computer Science/
    Physical Sciences


This Cloud Security – Monitoring and Maintenance course is curated to provide a deeper
introduction to concepts like: The Present Threat Landscape, Threat Management
Incident Planning & Response, Vulnerability Assessment & Mitigation, Identifying &
Reducing Vulnerabilities, Threat Mitigation, Threat Intelligence, Incident Response,
Forensics, Recovery, & Security Controls, Malware Threats, Threat Monitoring, CompTIA
PenTest+: Planning for an Engagement, Information Security Incident Management
Part II’, Vulnerability Analyst, Intelligent Orchestration: Automating Security Incident
Processing, Vulnerability Analyst, Information System Auditing, Cyber Security Audit,
Legal Requirements & Compliance, Information System Auditing, Legal Requirements &
Compliance, IS Auditing, Business Continuity, Information Security Incident Management
Part II, Automating Security Incident Processing, Information Security Governance,
Data Storage & Malware, Managing & Securing Cloud Infrastructure, System Monitoring
& Protection, Data Classification, Encryption, & Monitoring, Risk Metric Scenarios
for Enterprise, Security, Business Impact Analysis & Risk Management, and Project
Risk Assessment.


  • Explain different types of cloud deployment and service models
  • Assess global standards and regulations for aspects of data administration and governance such as storage,
    security, privacy and monitoring
  • Use development tools, frameworks, platforms, libraries and packages to test hardware and software systems
  • Detect instances of security threats and risks
  • Plan responses to security threats
  • Monitor and implement appropriate security and regulatory standards for application and data protection using appropriate monitoring tools
  • Develop knowledge, skills and competence in cloud computing technologies
  • Partner with stakeholders and ensure stakeholder satisfaction through effective communication and planning
  • Inculcate strong work ethics as per the code of conduct of the organization

Tool Used

Azure Active Directory, Azure Disk Encryption, Azure Portal, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Security Center,
Azure Key Vault, Azure Identity framework, Azure API Management, Azure Application Gateway, Azure Security
Center, Azure Advanced Threat Protection, Azure Key Vault, Azure Portal, Azure Blueprints, Azure Logic Apps,
Azure Monitor, Microsoft Antimalware, Azure Resource Manager, ASP.NET, PostgreSQL, SQL Server


Theory — 38 hours
Practical — 44 hours


INR 20,060.00


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